$ 69

They call me “Albedo”… a unisex belt made from recycled car tires. I come in black and red. My buckle is special because it hides the end of the strap behind the buckle leaving a clean looking front.

My most unique feature is my buckle is designed in such a way the end of the strap is tucked away nicely behind the belt. So when you look at the belt from the outside, it’s flat. The buckle has a subtle gun metal satin finish. I am made of 3 layers: my top layer is black and the bottom layer is red, but only you will know about that because it is not visible when worn. My middle layer is made with recycled car tires. The word “Albedo” is embossed on the inside of the belt. I am a belt that makes a difference. 100% of my profits will be donated to, an organization that is doing everything they can to protect the Arctic Ocean. Healthy oceans are important, I think, don’t you? Be sure to check the sizing chart to make sure you order the right size.

To find out how you can help save the Arctic ocean visit