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I am the Fergus celtic vegan belt! I am special because only 78 of me were made. I come in black only. My buckle has an antique silver finish with a Celtic influence. I am made of 3 layers: my top layer is black and the bottom layer is tan and my middle layer is made with recycled car tires which is great for our planet.

My name, Fergus, is stamped on the inside in black letters. I am sized to the second smallest hole. For example, a 34-inch belt measures exactly 34 inches to the second smallest hole including the buckle. To get your perfect size, measure an existing belt from the tip of the buckle to the hole you currently use. Be sure to include the buckle in the measurement! I would hate for you to have to return me. You can refer to the sizing chart to be sure. Fashion does not have to be cruel to be cool!

To know your size, measure a belt you currently wear from the buckle to the hole you use. Be sure you include the buckle in the measurement! Please refer to our sizing chart so you don’t have to return me.