Mojo T-Shirt

$ 29 $ 16

• Width: 38mm (1 1/2”)
• Material: Polyester coated with vinyl (matte finish)
• Buckle Finish: Antique silver tumbled, distressed finish
• Stronger than leather – holes will not crack
• Available in black and brown
• “Genuine non-leather” stamped on the back
This belt is one of our top selling men’s belts (although sometimes woman wear it too). The material used for the strap is also used by Mennonites who use it for their horse’s reins. If it’s strong enough for them, it’s strong enough for you!
<strong>DO NOT GO BY YOUR PANT SIZE</strong>. Visit our <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>sizing chart</a> to know your size.