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I have now purchased the Karma belt in four colors–black, navy, gray and beige. I love the fact that the belts are adjustable and fit with any pant style. And they truly never show under an untucked shirt. These belts hold up really well with continued wear–my oldest Truth belt is now 3 years old and looks and wears like new!

This is the second Seva belt I’ve ordered. After over a year with a black one, I decided I needed a lighter color that wouldn’t show under white shirts. I bought these belts to prevent the little tee shirt holes I had been getting for years. The buckle of the belt covers the jeans button, which I think was the culprit causing these tiny holes and ruining shirt after shirt. Since using the belt, I no longer get those holes.

LOVE this Sparrow belt. I bought the black one from Truth belts over a year ago, and it’s still holding up SUPER well. So naturally I completed my wardrobe with the brown belt and I’m never going back!

Almost a year and a half of using the SLUG belt daily and it shows no signs of breaking down. I’m a construction superintendent so I’m around dirty dry environmental conditions. WELL WORTH THE MONEY!

Toronto, ON

This may be the only belt to outlive the cockroaches and Twinkies after the nuclear apocalypse.

Vancouver, BC

Saving the Planet, One Vegan Belt at a Time

One tree will be planted with each belt purchased at truthbelts.com. You can feel good about the fact that your pants will be held up by these durable belts, and that you have done a good deed by planting a tree somewhere on this beautiful planet!

So far over 4200 trees have been planted and counting.

Truth Belts are the most amazing vegan belts I have found, the most amazing belts period! You can be compassionate and look great! They have a wide variety of belt types/looks, if you want a leather looking belt – no one would know the belts are vegan but you can feel better knowing they are. The belts are of the highest quality; I need belts that still look professional for work and fashionable and these belts are both but of course the best part is they are kind too.

Kate Reid / Vancouver BC

This might be a random weird email, but can I just say that your belts are pretty amazing.
I have now owned a Truth Belt since 2018. It is safe to say I wear it almost every day.
It still looks so damn good! Like, there is a little bit of ware where the tip goes under the loop and a bit of a dent (but honestly not that big of one) where the buckle sits on the belt.
But that’s it! I’m a skinny guy who has been wearing belts since the 80s and they all would have crumbled at this point, vegan or leather (or even fabric)!
Anyhow, not a lot of places make such good looking, ethical and durable things these days, so thanks!

Sean Siegler / USA

Ordered the Gemini belt for my son who is vegan & doesn’t wear leather products. He loves the belt & the fact that it’s reversible. Great design & quality of construction.

I ordered 3 more belts for myself! The owner shipped quickly & kept me updated on the status of my order. Highly recommend Truth Belts.

Jan Marshal / Crofton, Maryland


Our belts plant trees

Each time YOU buy a belt on this site, one tree will be planted, somewhere on earth!

When you purchase a belt on this website, one tree will be planted somewhere on this planet. Truth Belts has teamed up with One Tree Planted to make this happen. 
Buy a belt, plant a tree…. make a difference on this planet. Who would have thought that a belt could do so much more than hold you pants up!
Find out how many trees have been planted on Earth so far because of our super awesome customers who are have purchased our super awesome animal friendly belts! 👀

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