Why are Truth belts so amazing?

This is a question that we get asked all the time. It’s a good question! Here is our answer as to why Truth belts are so amazing.

Made in Canada

This is the main reason. Labour in Canada is much higher compared to other countries that are known as manufacturing hubs, such as China, India or Bangladesh. It’s a known fact these countries often times have unpleasant work environments. Sometimes children are made to work in these factories when they should be in school. Having belts made in Canada allows us to keep an eye on production and to ensure a pleasant work environment.

Small production runs

Truth is a relatively small company. That means that we cannot compete with huge companies who make thousands of belts at a time, and sell to big box stores such as Walmart. Our belts range in price from $28.00 – $100.00. Our production runs are small and controlled.

High quality materials

We make sure to source the highest quality of materials that we can find. We purchase recycled car tire material from the United States. The webbing used for our elastic belts and suspenders comes from one of the top manufacturers in the world, located in Europe. Their webbing is superior in it’s quality, strength and colorfastness. Our polyurethane is made in China & Italy. China??? Yes, you read that correctly! Did you know there are very few places on the planet that manufacture polyurethane? We use a high end supplier that makes a special type of polyurethane that was developed especially for belts. And, the material is 100% compliant with both North American and European standards. It’s a material developed in Italy and made in China.

Giving back

1% of online sales are donated to an organization called Embracing the World & Parvati.org