truth belts is partnered with one tree planted


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In November of 2020 Truth Belts released its first tree-planting vegan belt, the Orion. Every time someone purchases the Orion belt, one tree gets planted.

In addition to that, anyone can purchase the “plant a tree” option here, where for only $1 US-dollar, one tree will be planted. The way it works is we total up the number of Orion belt sales for the month plus the quantities of the “plant a tree” that were purchased. We then send the funds to One Tree Planted.

We get to choose where in the world the trees will be planted. Below is a list of number of trees planted and where. Thank you for supporting Truth Belts!

NOVEMBER 2020 – CALIFORNIA – 67 trees

DEC 2020 – PACIFIC NORTHWEST – 19 trees


FEB 2021 – PERU – 7 trees

MARCH 2021 – PERU – 4 trees

APRIL/ MAY 2021 – UGANDA 11 trees

May 2021 – ONTARIO CANADA – 30 trees


Trees Planted So Far