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1Million Meditators

I am so happy to share the 1MillionMeditators.com movement with you. Founded by my friend Anita Morrow, this movement of highly conscious people intends to change the course of our planet to one of Love, Peace, and Abundance for all! Every 2 months there is a global 48-hour mediation that take place all over the world. There are various ambassadors who lead 15-30 minute mediations on the 1 Million Meditator’s Facebook page. The mission is to harness the power of collective intention by connecting people around the globe and change humanity’s consciousness. This selfless act promotes feelings of love for ourselves and the entire world hence raising our planet’s vibration and restoring its balance! Check out this video where I interview the amazing Anita Morrow! Join the movement at 1MillionMeditators.com to receive your free meditations and surprise gifts! Be a part of this AMAZING movement:)

From Anita Morrow, founder…“Let us be remembered as the 1Million Meditators Movement that changed humanity’s consciousness and the future of our planet to one of Love, Abundance, Peace and Harmony.”

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  1. Tamiflu says:

    All of these amazing 1Million Meditators Ambassadors have streamed live meditations on the 1Million Meditators Facebook page during our last Global. With your participation our global meditation events will be the biggest TSUNAMIS of LOVE ever!   Please keep sharing the love!

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