Are You a Veegling?

Are you a Veegling?

One day in April of 2018 I was driving in my car in Toronto when this idea hit me. I was thinking about the various types of humans on the planet now- specifically the ones who are vegan/vegetarian. They seem to be a special forward thinking group who seem to have an innate knowing inside their bodies that say to them, “don’t put that food inside of me any more”.

I took the word from “seed” and added the “ling”. The “vee” comes from vegetarian/vegan. Boom! Veegling!

What is a Veegling?

A Veegling is a star seed who decided to incarnate on planet earth at this time to show people a new way of living, which is to have love, respect and compassion for all living things.  Veeglings have been seeded on planet Earth at this time, to inspire others to live differently. They show humanity that we have choice, that animals are our companions and are to be loved and respected just like humans, plants, and planet Earth herself.

We are in the midst of a great shift and I for one am so excited! We are leaving the “power over others” or “survival” mentality, and morphing into a “we are all one” unity consciousness. The transmutation is sometimes very difficult and met with a lot of obstacles. Yet, at the same time, it’s so beautiful. I for one, am very excited about this shift.

So reader, are you a veegling? Do you have an inner knowing that the way animals are treated in the meat/factory farming industry is inacceptable? Are you someone who is walking a path that goes against a society who tells us that eating fast food, genetically modified food or food full of harmful chemicals is OK? Do you disagree with how mainstream society’s view that ingesting the meat of animal, including all of the abuse, cruelty, suffering energy associated with that animal is good for a human body?

If so, I term you a veegling! And that is awesome!!! Go, go, go, you veegling you!