Ariel Kids Belt

The Ariel Kids Belt

Finally, a Belt for Kids!

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard this complaint from parents at trade shows. As kids grow, it’s hard for their parents to keep up with new clothing sizes. Parents just want to keep a pair of pants for their bundle of love for as long as possible. And they don’t want them to fall down!

After listening to these comments over the years, I decided to design a vegan belt which would solve this problem.

And the result is the Ariel kids belt!

The Ariel kids belt is 1” wide. With its built in adjuster, the belt grows as your child does, which means it will fit them from around age 2 to 12, a long lifespan for any children’s clothing. The wide range of different styles and patterns the Ariel belt comes in makes it perfect for both boys and girls. They will even fit small adults too!

Race cars, elephants, flowers, bears, fish, soccer balls, engineers, houndstooth, or argyle. All these and more can be found on an Ariel kids belt!

And, of course, like all Truth products, the Ariel is a 100% vegan belt!

The buckle has an easy to use interlock system that will help develop dexterity in children. And if there ever happens to be a situation where a child is having trouble with the buckle, this stretchy kids belt will still let them pull their pants down (you know…in case of emergency).

Yours in health, consciousness, and cool fashion, this is Renia Pruchnicki of Truth! Live Your Truth, and Respect Others’!