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Vegan-Friendly Accessories

Every woman knows that a well-chosen accessory can elevate her outfit. Whether it is a stylish bag, a fabulous pair of earrings or fancy shoes, one small item can make a large difference. Unfortunately, the fashion industry is polluting our planet. However, looking stylish and fabulous doesn’t have to come with a cost. Today, there are so many environment-friendly alternatives when it comes to accessories, and a lot of brands have started producing items that are cruelty-free and animal-friendly. If you wish to shop consciously without sacrificing your style, here is a list of vegan-friendly accessories you can wear.


Every woman needs at least a couple of bags that she can easily mix and match with her outfits. Luckily, there are several vegan-friendly brands that offer cruelty-free bags. For instance, Aulive uses superior vegan leather as well as pineapple leaf fibers to make their bags in bright and vibrant colors. This brand also offers weekender bags, laptop sleeves and trunks. Another PETA approved brand is Zouk and they have collections of laptop bags, handbags and women’s office bags, made from fabrics like Ikat, Silk, Jute and Khadi. Broke Mate is also dedicated to producing quality vegan bags made from 100% cruelty-free materials. This PETA Approved Vegan certified company is famous for its luxurious and affordable handbags that are perfect for any type of occasion. Award-winning brand Rheson also manufactures bags made from solely non-leather materials. 


When it comes to jewelry brands, there are many eco-conscious ones that are doing their part in saving the planet. For instance, Moon Magic strives to offer high-quality jewelry at affordable prices while keeping ethical sourcing in mind. They work exclusively with authentic, natural stones, and their diamonds are 100% conflict-free. What is even better, for each item they sell, they help plant trees. Thanks to Moon Magic more than 277,000 trees have been planted so far. By clicking here you can learn more about their work and products. 


Nowadays if you wish to buy high-quality shoes, you don’t have to opt for real leather. In fact, so many brands have mastered the art of manufacturing amazing footwear out of eco-friendly materials. Kannabis is a PETA approved vegan brand that has a collection of colorful shoes made of hemp and other fabrics. Beyond Skin is also a vegan-friendly brand known for producing fashion-forward footwear made from plant-based materials. 

Belts and suspenders

Whether you are looking for a vegan-friendly belt for yourself or suspenders for your man check out Truth Belts and our 100% cruelty-free products that are both stylish and ethical. This animal-friendly brand from Toronto is dedicated to making accessories with the highest quality vegan materials, such as “genuine non-leather” and recycled car tires. 


Whether you are looking for a simple black and silver watch that goes with everything, or you prefer something more colorful, check out Olivia Burton’s collection of striking, affordable watches. Their vegan straps are made of PU with no animal fats in the adhesives. Also, animal products were not used in the dying process.

Hair accessories

If you have long hair, it is very likely that you often wear an elastic hairband around your wrist, so you can quickly tie your hair whenever needed. Well, Kitsch has released a collection of fabulous hair ties that are designed to look like bracelets. Not only do they look amazing, but they are also they’re made from high-quality PU with metal hardware.  You can choose from four different designs.

Nowadays, looking fabulous while opting for animal-friendly products is not a problem. With these cruelty-free vegan accessories you can easily elevate your outfit and look marvelous in every type of occasion.