Karma Flat Belt from Truth Vegan Belts

Karma Flat Belt

Don’t you just hate it when you put a fitted top on over your pants and there’s a little bulge that sticks out in the front? It ruins everything!

Wearing a belt can be out of the question if it adds extra bulk. But there won’t be an issue with my newest flat elastic belt!

It’s called the Karma Flat Belt and it solves the bulge problem.

You may already be familiar with Truth’s Seva Flat Belt. It’s been our top-selling belt for years! People love how flat and adjustable it is. But one comment I’ve heard over and over again is: “Help! I love this belt but it doesn’t fit through my narrow belt loops!”

Well, I’ve heard you…. and it inspired me to come out with this new design: the Karma Flat Belt is only 2.5cm (1″) wide (as opposed to the 3.5cm-wide Seva). It’s just like having a mini Seva! So a big thanks to those of you who offered your opinion. I love hearing from you.

The Karma Flat Belt is very cute. Like the Seva, it’s super flat and adjusts to fit any body type. It comes in small and large. (Hint: If you have a medium-sized Seva belt, you should go for a large in the Karma. The only difference is that the adjuster will sit further back, out of sight. Even better!)

The word Seva means “selfless service” in Sanskrit. And Karma means that our current actions bring inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation. So practice Seva in order to receive good Karma!

The Karma Flat Belt has great vibes and currently comes in two fun and sophisticated patterns: “black diamond” and “black argyle.”

Check out our new Karma Flat Belt here! Made in Canada and only $28.00.

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Yours in health, consciousness, and cool vegan fashion, this is Renia Pruchnicki, Owner of Truth! Live Your Truth, and Respect Others’!