SEVA Flast Elastic Belt for Vegans

The Seva Belt – How This Flat Belt Can Be Your New Best Friend

Imagine this…

It’s the morning, and you’re getting ready to start your day. You’ve already had breakfast, done your hair just right, and you’re picking out an outfit that will help you look great. You put on a pair of fitted pants; or at least they’re supposed to be fitted pants. But the waist sticks out just a bit at the front, where the button is.

Now this wouldn’t be such a big deal if those pants didn’t go so well with your favourite fitted top! But when the top is pulled down over your pants that annoying corner part sticks out and when you look at your profile in the mirror, you can see it! And you can’t wear a regular belt with it, because the buckle would make it bulge out even more! You need a flat belt!

The Seva Flat Belt To The Rescue!

This is where the Seva flat belt comes in. The buckle is super flat so when you put it on, it will keep that irritating front corner of your pants from sticking out. The Seva flat belt is elastic, so it will fit any pair of pants you have, whether you need it to fit low on the hips, high on the waist or anywhere in between.

And if you’re anything like me, you end up being spoiled by your family around this time of year with lots of delicious food. But that usually comes with a few extra pounds. Until you have a chance to work it off, the Seva flat belt will stick with you! Because it’s elastic, it can fit any size, at any time!

But here comes the magic… move the flat belt so that the buckle is on the side of your pants. This means that the elastic part of the belt is now at center front, making everything even flatter! Now we’re talking! No more bulge under your fitted top. Your profile view is smashing! You look fantastic! The Seva belt has saved the day! Of all the vegan belts here at Truth, the Seva is the most versatile.

The Seva flat belt can be your best friend when it comes to looking and feeling great!