Sneaky Ways to Get Truth Products for Free

Sneaky Ways to Get Truth Products for Free

Sneaky Ways to Get Truth Products for Free

Truth products can be pricier than your average vegan belt. The reason is because all products are locally made in Canada, in smaller quantities.  Our belts are made of high-quality materials that are convincing enough to stand next to real leather.  We call our vegan leather “genuine non-leather”. If you want to learn some sneaky ways to get Truth products for free, read on!

Secret #1: Say the secret phrase at our upcoming trade show events.

We like to come up with a secret phrase which we share via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We also email members of our VIP list who live in the same city that we will be exhibiting in. The first person to say the secret phrase to us at our booth at one of these shows will win one FREE product of their choice! Sometimes, the person who wins will be the first person to say the secret phrase or the second person. We like to mix things up once in a while!

One time, we even did “the FIFTH person to say the secret phrase”! It’s like a radio contest, but more challenging. It can get competitive!

Here’s some examples of some past secret phrases we’ve released on social media prior to shows:

Secret #2:  Follow us on Pinterest.

Every 100th Pinterest follower wins a FREE product of his or her choice. Each 100th follower will be contacted to claim his or her prize via private message on Pinterest or via Facebook messenger. Even if you don’t win, we love sharing our favourite vegan recipes and fashion inspirations with our followers! Get some style ideas for our belts too 🙂

Secret #3: Join Truth’s emailing list.

Every page on our website gives you an opportunity to join our VIP list. Our members always get extra special love. How does access to exclusive discounts sound? You’ll also get the secret phrase for trade show contests in advance, if you happen to live in the same (or surrounding) city that we are exhibiting in.

Meet our mascots, Buck and Moby. You can see them at every show. They love getting new Truth followers!

Yours in health, consciousness, and cool vegan fashion, this is Renia Pruchnicki, Owner of Truth! Live Your Truth, and Respect Others!

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