The 5th Dimension

Introducing my newest creation, the 5D vegan unisex belt.

This gorgeous casual belt is made from a beautiful woven webbing strap. It has 2 black rectangular rings at the front, which allow you to weave the strap through. This belt has no holes, so you can get any fit you desire. The 5D was first unveiled at Toronto’s One of a Kind Show in November of 2018. It comes in sizes S, M, L and XL. You can buy the 5D belt here. Why the name 5D? The name is short and sweet, yet, the meaning behind it has lots of depth… 5D stands for 5th dimension. I believe that there are countless dimensions all around us and that we are currently experiencing the 3rd/4th dimensions here on planet earth at this time as part of our interdimensional experience. We’re going through a huge quantum evolution… right now! Isn’t that cool? Both humans and the planet herself are evolving and ascending to higher levels of consciousness. I believe that we are interdimensional beings who have lived many different lives not just here on earth, but in other parts of the galaxy. Our earth experience is one that we chose. And what I mean by that is that before we were born, we actually chose to come here. We chose to be born on planet earth to experience the good, bad, ugly, beautiful, scary, lovely, confusing etc etc… you get the point. The 3rd dimension is the lower frequency of this planet for those playing out their ego games. It’s a frequency that resonates with fear, control and separateness. How wonderful it is to see that more and more people are waking up to the fact that there is no “getting saved” by something outside of us. We can choose to face our fears, forgive others and help those in need. We can also choose what we eat, our thoughts and actions. And that is BIG! We can choose in every moment. By doing this one can accesses their own power.

What exactly is the fifth dimension?

From my view point, in the fifth dimension is where we are headed. We will be vibrating at a much higher frequency, which is closer to joy and love. There is no ‘winning’ in the 5D. There is no need to defeat someone, or something. It’s about unity consciousness, and all of our problems will be approached from this ‘unity’ mind-set. We can’t evolve if we stay in separation consciousness. Going beyond that will allow us to tap into high frequencies that lie within us. Yup, we are headed to the 5th dimension! Isn’t that exciting? Not just humans, but all living things, including planet earth. The transition is happening now. We’ll be using theta waves instead of gamma waves (or unity consciousness instead of separation consciousness). I imagine that in the 5th dimension, we’ll be able to cure a lot of diseases such as diabetes, cancers, tumours, and we won’t rely on gas and oil like we do now. We’ll all be connected to each other in ways that are beyond our imagination. The transition is gradual, however, things are speeding up existentially as each month passes. Signs of this transition are all around us. Think about the lights that have been shined on the cigarette industry, the food industry, the medical and drug industry. And I belive we’ll be seeing more of this in the near future. People all over the planet are waking up and understand that we all have choice and are not willing to eat the bullshit we are being fed by things like network TV, hollywood movies, radio and media. Small groups are popping up worldwide to work with new (really ancient) ways of healing, such as yoga, meditation, self-exploration. It’s so great to see this! Not for profit organizations fuelled by passion such as are examples of clusters of people who are coming together to make a huge difference. I don’t know about you, but I am very excited. These are things you can ponder when while you wear the new 5D belt from Truth. Wishing you a wonderful day, and above all, live your truth!