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Truth Belts is not just a company that makes cool looking vegan fashion accessories. It’s a company that takes action in order to make a difference.

Truth Belts donates to

Started in 2001 from the apartment of Truth owner Renia Pruchnicki, Truth has made its mark on the international landscape with its selection of high quality, Canadian made vegan belts. In 2015 Truth Belts became allies with, a not for profit organization whose mandate is to protect the vulnerable Arctic ecosystem. Truth Belts owner Renia Pruchnicki is a volunteer for this organization and donated funds from the sales from Parvati is an incredibly talented singer, composer and producer. She is also a Climate Reality Leader, trained by Al Gore himself. Upon learning of planned seismic testing in Canada’s Arctic waters, Parvati and other volunteers came together and formally founded to organize a response to this threat to marine life.’s volunteers have been working to protect the Arctic since 2010 when singer/songwriter/performer/yogini Parvati Devi and her manager Rishi Deva courageously journeyed to the furthest reaches of Canada’s North, Ward Hunt Island near the magnetic North Pole. They have created a treaty called MAPS, which stands for Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. If signed by the leaders of 99 countries on this planet, the Arctic circle will be deemed a peace sanctuary, and will be protected by those who wish to drill for oil in the arctic ocean. There, Parvati offered her songs and prayers to the planet to help raise awareness of the global ecological impact of the melting polar ice caps. The event was captured on video and will be shared in an upcoming documentary. She also heard the voices of the Inuit people who told her how important it is for people to know that that the ice is melting, the animals are fewer and people are suffering. In a nutshell, they want us to… STOP POLLUTING! At Ward Hunt Island, Parvati gave the northernmost musical performance ever. Footage from this performance is now a video for Parvati’s two songs “911-1-L-O-V-E” and “You Gotta Believe”. These two songs underscore the consequence of human greed, as we watch our planet’s ice caps melt. Not everyone is aware that climate change is an emergency. It really is and it’s time for humans to wake up and take responsibility for their home. Most humans live in some kind of house or apartment. It’s ridiculous to imagine yourself vandalizing your own home. You would not urinate on the dining room floor and forget to take out the garbage; otherwise you would eventually not be able to exist in your own home. Nature is a home to humans. It’s here to support us, yet we disrespect nature. We pollute and destroy without a thought to our selfish consequences. The signs are clear to see – nature is suffering.

What is seismic testing?

Seismic testing means bringing in airguns that send sonic blasts through the water into the ocean floor to map where oil reserves may exist under the seabed. These blasts are many times louder than a jet engine and go off every ten seconds, 24 hours a day, for weeks or months on end. This, when we know that whales navigate through sonar! It’s crucial that we respect the ecosystems on our planet. In other parts of the world where seismic testing has taken place, whales were left deaf and were not able to navigate through ocean waters. Worse, seismic testing paves the way for oil companies to come in with drilling rigs and all the risks that entails. Oil spills in other parts of the world have caused death and damage to all kinds of marine life as well as birds. And that’s in parts of the world where it has been easy to get cleanup crews out right away. Remember how long it took to cap the blowout of the Deepwater Horizon well in the Gulf of Mexico? Now think about how much worse that would be if it happened under the ice in the winter in the remote reaches of the Arctic Ocean with no one around to do anything about it. In 2015 the members of created a treaty to be signed by the leaders of all countries to enact the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. This sanctuary will protect the Arctic Ocean north of the Arctic Circle, regardless of jurisdiction, from all forms of exploitation including oil drilling, seismic testing, commercial fishing, military presence and through shipping traffic. The Arctic Ocean is a vulnerable ecosystem that plays a key role in helping to stop climate change. Polar ice helps to reflect solar heat back out of the atmosphere and away from the planet through what is known as the “albedo” effect. When the ice melts, more heat is absorbed, leading to yet more ice melting. The Arctic ecosystem is already so stressed, and so crucial for the well-being of us all, that seismic testing and oil drilling simply must not happen there – ever.  

Do you feel called to help?

You can help by signing three petitions. The more people sign the petitions, the stronger the signal we send to world leaders that it is time to stop destroying our home for short-term greed. Click here to sign the petition for MAPS now.  Every signature makes a difference.