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Truth Belts Loves Daiya Vegan Cheese!

I started eating Daiya cheese in 2012. For me, one of the most difficult challenges to becoming the vegan that I am today was the ‘cheese on my nachos’ issue. If you knew me personally you would know that my favorite food is nachos. Yup. I love them.

Daiya is a company is USA offers a vegan cheese that melts just like real cheese! And it tastes good! I admit that it took a little getting used to. Now I can eat all the vegan nachos I want and never have to give anything up. If you are looking for a yummy substitute for cheese, you’ve got to try Daiya.

One thing that I learned about Daiya is that the name “Daiya” was taken from the Sanskrit word “dayaa” which means “loving, kindness and compassion”. Ironic because our top selling belt, the Seva, is a Sanskrit word which means “selfless service”.

Daiya vegan cheese is soy free, dairy free and gluten free. The ingredients are plant based. There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

I decided to celebrate Daiya cheese with a video! The video features talented singer Zach Svoboda. And thanks Ashkon Hobooti for your Daiya humor that was used in the video. Ashkon wrote the funny lines in this video.

Find out more about Daiya vegan cheese at their website at www.daiyafoods.com. I’m so happy! I’m going to make some nachos now….

Thanks for reading! Yours in health, consciousness, and cool fashion, this is Renia Pruchnicki of Truth Belts! Live Your Truth, and Respect Others’!

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  1. Renia Pruchnicki says:

    Why will you never eat vegan cheese? Daiya cheese is made from tapioca and other plant based ingredients. Have you ever tried it? I am actually eating some right now as I type this….

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