I Desire a Healthy Planet

I Desire a Healthy Planet

Hello fellow Veegling,

Here we are on planet Earth. The leaders of our nations seem to be quite greedy and not all together there. Perhaps not all of them, but a lot of them. What are we to do about that? And why are they almost all men?

I Desire a Healthy Planet

As a citizen of Canada and Earth, I personally don’t watch TV (or at least very, very seldom, like when I am at someone else’s place and they insist). I also don’t read newspapers or listen to the radio. I get enough info about what’s going on in the world from people who do.

My viewpoint is that there are some really dark, greedy people who are quite powerful who feed us garbage through network programming and want to keep the masses in a state of fear. They want us to be Zombies so that they can control us and get richer.

I call BULLSHIT!!! No, I will not succumb.

I desire to live on a healthy planet where there is peace, balance, harmony, and respect for other fellow humans, plants, animals and earth herself. It makes sense to me to not let my eyes see or hear the bullshit shovelled to citizens via network programming.

If I wish to create a world described earlier, I must keep my energy focused on such. This means respecting fellow humans, animals and nature. It means choosing in every moment, actions that align with my vision. It means spending time in nature, meditating, and doing in life what I enjoy doing. It means not supporting the animal farm industries that think it’s OK to cut down trees in order to raise livestock.

Sometimes life is so confusing. Sometimes it is so joyous. And sometimes it’s somewhere in between. I think I’ll go swim in a lake today go for a walk and allow the next vegan belt design to flow into my awareness.

What do you think? Do you also desire a healthy planet?

PS – In case you don’t know what a veegling is, check out the definition here.

PSS – Have you signed the MAPS petition yet? You can do it now… it just takes a minute! MAPS stands for MARINE ARCTIC PEACE SANCTUARY.