Michael Jackson Inspires the Vegan Fashion Designer in Me!

I recently watched the movie “This Is It”, a documentary which shows live footage taken from the show rehearsals where Michael Jackson and his team prepared for the “This Is It” tour.

It was supposed to start in July 2009, but was canceled due to Michael’s death a month earlier. This Is It broke international records a month before its release with pre-ticket sales.

The film consists of Jackson rehearsing musical numbers and directing his team, and additional behind the scenes footage including dancer auditions and costume design. I was moved at Michael’s talent in music, dance and performance. I was most inspired by Michael’s interest in making this world a better place.

When they showed the scene for “Earth Song”, Michael says the following (I love this part)…

I really feel that mother nature is trying so hard right now to compensate for man’s mismanagement of the planet. ‘Cause the planet is sick, like a fever. If we don’t fix it now…. It’s at the point of no return. This is the last chance to fix this problem that we have”.

This is why he named the tour “This Is It”. He goes on to talk about his respect for nature and how sad he gets when he sees forests being bulldozed down in the name of the cattle industry. As a vegan fashion designer, this part especially moved me to tears.

The fact that forests are constantly being destroyed is unacceptable. One reason why forests are getting torn down is to make room for the cattle industry. During the 1990s, the portion of the globe covered by forests shrank by an estimated 94 000 square kilometers a year, an area roughly the size of Portugal.

There is evidence everywhere that shows over the past 50 years there has been a severe increase in cattle population and pasture areas for these cattle and a tremendous decrease in forests across the globe. If you Google “forests get destroyed for livestock” you’ll find a plethora of info. This is really happening. 

It’s estimated that for each pound of beef produced, 200 square feet of rainforest is destroyed.

Slash and burn farming” is a scary term. It describes a type of cattle farming where forests are burned down and made into cattle pastures. The land cannot be used for pastures for very long because what happens is that the soil is not longer being used to support the forest that was once there, and therefore dries up quickly. Grass will eventually cease to grow and the land inevitably turns into a crusty desert. The cattle farmers then have to move on and destroy more rain forests to create new cattle pastures.

Now reader, I ask you this. Does this feel right to you? Michael Jackson knew about this. I know about this, and now you do too.

In Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” movie, they showed the footage from the song ‘Earth Song”. The background of the stage showed a little girl, happy in the forest. Suddenly, bulldozers come and destroyed everything and the little girl is left in a deserted wasteland. It was powerful. Seeing this and hearing what Michael had to say is what tugged at my vegan fashion heart strings.

That night during my evening meditation, I asked the universe to please use me, and my vegan fashion company, to help inspire changes in this world.

What can you do to help our Earth?

Did you know that changing your eating habits to that of a vegan or vegetarian makes the most positive impact on our environment? It’s true! Switching to a diet that is free of meat, dairy and eggs saves more carbon emissions than driving a hybrid car. 50% more!

A meat diet is also generally considered twice as expensive as a vegetarian one, so if you’re tight on cash a vegetarian or vegan diet could make a difference too!

Besides, only vegans can wear vegan fashion.

Just kidding! Anyone can wear Truth’s vegan fashion! But anyone can also make positive changes in their life to help make a positive difference in the world.

I am not saying that everyone on the planet should become a strict vegan. But for those meat eaters out there (I’m talking about that ones who feel they need to eat meat at EVERY meal), maybe they could consider doing 3 things.

  1. Buy local and organic meat. This reduces the fuel used to bring the meat to your plate, which makes a big difference!
  2. Cut down on their meat consumption to one serving of meat per day. The less meat you eat, the better it is for the environment.
  3. Never eat at a fast food restaurant! There are a thousand reasons for this, but avoiding fast food helps the environment greatly.

I feel very passionate about this. This is why I so badly want to be a guest on The Ellen Show. I want to make a difference in this world!

Please support the campaign and email the Ellen Show by clicking this link and telling her about Truth Belts and my desire to make a difference in this world. Change is possible. Our thoughts and actions create our reality, so LET’S MAKE SOME CHANGES!!!!

Something’s coming, and it’s big….

Yours in health, consciousness, and cool fashion, this is Renia Pruchnicki of Truth! Live Your Truth, and Respect Others’!