Vegan Jokes Part 2

Vegan Jokes Part 2

You’re not ready to love others until you love yourself like Kanye West loves himself.

It’s Friday. Do your best and to heck with the rest.

The worst feeling is that of being hated by shopkeepers after you walk into their store and then walk out without buying anything.

I wonder if Godzilla will do any interviews to promote the film.

A Canadian and a Canadian walk into a bar and they both apologize to each other for no reason.

It’s really awkward when people stare at you as you’re blowing your nose.

We take things for granted. Escalators. They’re moving stairs!

I think Rebby is a better nickname for Rebecca than Becky.

I’m so happy, I could be triplets.

Every time I see a cop, there’s always a small part of my brain that wonders, “Oh no, what did I do?”

It’s fun making people laugh when they’re taking a sip of a drink.

Is it weird that I want to be adopted by Madonna?

If you ever had a conversation with a rabbit about appendixes being useless, it would likely retort by saying that they are indeed useful because they use it to digest cellulose.

I don’t want to take over the world. I’m more like an ant. Ants just kind of run around and stuff.

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