Tree Planting Belts

As of November of 2020, Truth Belts has teamed up with organization One Tree Planted to make a difference on Planet Earth.

How? By making one of it’s newest belts, “The Orion” a belt that will plant one tree on earth each time the belt is purchased on So not only will you receive a quality belt that is long lasting, virtually indestructible, animal friendly and handsome. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you made a difference on beautiful planet earth by planting a tree.

There is a second way that you can plant trees via the website. One of the products is called Plant a Tree. For just $1.00 you can have one tree planted, or 30 trees if you choose a quantity of 30! How amazing is that?

For the first month, Truth Belts was able to make a donation to One Tree Planted for $67. Sixty-seven trees will be planted in California. When a donation is made the doner decides where in the world they would like to have trees planted.

Trees Planted Nov 2020

It’s so wonderful to see that citizens of this world can make a difference through the products that they choose. And, more and more business owners are teaming up with companies like One Tree Planted to really help the environment.

Just imagine how much of a difference could be made if every business that sold a product donated just $1 to One Tree Planted! Billions of trees would be planted!! I am sure our planet would just love that!

Here’s to making positive changes!

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