Type of Male Underwear

What Types of Ethical Male Underwear are There?

More and more people are now being conscious of the effects of consumerism on the environment. For this reason, several individuals and businesses have come up with ways to ensure that they engage in sustainable practices in producing their products and services. This includes manufacturers of male underwear. In line with this, below are some of the types of ethical male underwear that you can consider in a conscious effort to preserve the environment.

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Organic Cotton

One of the types of ethical male underwear is one that is made from organic cotton. In this case, your boxers or briefs are manufactured using cotton that is grown without the use of any toxic chemicals or even synthetic fertilizers. Instead of these harmful chemicals, cotton plants leverage soil balance and beneficial insects to manage pests. Weeds are also physically removed and no genetically modified organisms (GMO) are used. As a result, growing organic cotton to be used for clothing, including male underwear, is considered to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Another type of ethical male underwear is one that is made from highly breathable bamboo fabric. However, not all bamboo manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly. For instance, the bamboo fabric produced from the viscose rayon leverages harmful chemicals to generate the end fabric.

On the other hand, a bamboo fabric created with a closed-loop process paves the way for eco-friendly underwear because the production process doesn’t utilize chemicals to alter the structure of the cellulose, significantly limiting the negative impact of the manufacturing process on the environment. Rest assured that when you go for male underwear that is made from organically manufactured bamboo fabric, you will be satisfied with the right fitting and comfortable intimate wear.


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Some ethical male underwear is made from hemp fabric. Like those made with bamboo fabric, underwear made from hemp is also very much breathable. As soon as the plant is processed into a piece of fabric, its texture can be likened to cotton. The great part is that hemp fabric is not only very soft, these are also highly durable. This means that a pair of underwear can last for several years. In this case, you don’t need to buy a new pair of underwear time and again, which is one of the primary reasons why male underwear made from hemp fabric is regarded as ethical.

Recycled Polyester

There are now several manufacturers looking into the use of recycled polyester to generate clothing pieces, including male underwear. It can be deemed that this soft but tough fabric is more sustainable than conventional polyester because to make a fabric out of recycled polyester, existing plastic materials are used rather than having to generate new ones. In opting for male underwear made from recycled polyester, you are doing your part in reducing single-use plastic wastes.

To wrap things up, consider using male underwear made from the materials listed above because these are considered ethically-made and sustainable. When you go for these options, you are doing your part in preserving the environment. Rest assured that every little step that you take to care of the environment goes a long way.

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